tropical she-penguin
i eat manga and comics
and like to trap light in people


Miklos Szüts: scrapbook 11. 2013 watercolor, paper


ph. Paul Jung


The rim of this porcelain bowl looks like it has been smudged or has run but it’s all on purpose! The soft, ovoid shape of the dish reinforces this hand-altered effect. Image via Studio Joo

that awkward moment when your teacher reads your smut fanfic to the rest of the class


look at all those majestic sea pancakes


Scott W. H. Young

1. Birdsong (2011)

2. Dreamland (2010)

3. Home (2010)

4. Wish You Were Here (2011)

5. Memories (2010)


Oh Behave - smoth exotic vivid taste,1999 
Hank Willis Thomas

L’Officiel Hommes Korea March 2014

I walked for 10 seconds next to 2 japanese guys, middle aged - was smiling like a kid on Christmas for the rest of the evening.